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Team Spotlight - Peter Molokwu

My name is Peter Molokwu, a social media strategist & communications expert, I helps brands tell the stories through engaging social content to grow their Followings and reach their target audience. I am currently the Digital Media Lead at the YD Company and that entails supervising team members accounts, facilitating and curating mood boards, coordinating account growth and fun things like this.

How do you find it working at The YD Company?

Working at YD company has been quite an experience for me, first time working with an agency, its been quite an interesting ride, lots of learning and unlearning, well mostly learning how to communication effectively between team members and clients.

Working at YD pushes you to think on your feet, provide solutions and execute which is a top priority at the YD Company, because we are an agency we get to work on projects in a very fast paced mode.

It honestly has been quite an interesting 10 months with the YD Company and I'm quite excited for the future.

Tell us the things that interest you about working at The YD Company.

The things that interest me about working with YD is how everyone is hands on and quite versatile with everything, putting in their 100% every time which also motivates me to do more.

What are your plans for personal growth and company growth?

I’m always ready to take on courses that helps build and sharpen my skills as far as they are beneficial to me I’d take it. I’m a believer of growth so I’m always open to taking more responsibility which equals growth in whatever capacity I am in.

Who is your run-to / most helpful team member, and why?

Laide, who is our Manager at YD, she’s quite experienced and hands on with everything.

If you were asked to be a fruit for a day, what fruit would you be, and why?

Apple, because its elite and everybody can’t afford it

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