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Team Spotlight - Dr. Yetty Oyinlola Ogunnubi

Dr. Yetty Oyinlola Ogunnubi is the CEO of The YD Company Limited and the founder & lead publicist at The YD Company. With over 19 years of experience in the public relations (PR) and brand management space, she is a leading professional in the fashion, arts, and corporate affairs industries with experiences spanning PR, marketing, creative image branding, and project and event management. Over the years, Yetty has managed publicity projects for SMEs, corporate businesses, and governments, and has led fashion and corporate exhibitions, creative events, and press conferences, as well as promoted emerging and established brands.

While having a fulfilling time in her career as a fashion entrepreneur in London, she contributed as a writer and editor for top fashion magazines in The UK before becoming a fashion editor for The ISAAC Outlook Magazine—an exclusive lifestyle magazine. Yetty’s creativity has no bounds; her illustrations have been used as covers for books, products, and several art projects. She is passionate about mentoring youths and young aspiring professionals in both the fashion and corporate worlds through The YD Foundation. With her wealth of experience and knowledge, Dr Yetty believes in inspiring and impacting others to succeed in their endeavors while discovering unending opportunities for their crafts and making a difference in the world.

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