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Team Spotlight - Dorcas Iroko

Dorcas is a digital media associate and content writer with vast experiences in content

research and development aimed at creating engaging, result-oriented content.

She has worked with a variety of clients on content planning, research, development, and

execution. Dorcas is tech-savvy and has a good knowledge of social media platforms

and reporting tools.

How do you find it working at The YD Company? It is exciting and challenging. I

get to learn new things everyday

Tell us the things that interest you about working at The YD Company.

What interest me the most about working at the YD Company is the fact that I get to

work with amazing people and the opportunity to attend events gives me exposure and room

for continuous learning

What are your plans for personal growth and company growth?

Keep learning, taking courses and seek opportunities to refer YD

Who is your run-to / most helpful team member, and why?

Peter, he's patient and always ready to assist

If you were asked to be a fruit for a day, what fruit would you be, and why?


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