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Team Spotlight - David Olanema

My name is David Olanema, a graduate of the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, with a great interest in Communications. I have a strong avidity for the communicative processes of reading, speaking, listening and writing. It’s this interest that has informed my choice of career over the years, in broadcasting, content creation and now, in public relations. In due time, I do hope to further my knowledge in these fields.

Extracurricularly, I am a strong believer in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals(SDG) and have taken conscious effort by being a member of a Non-Governmental Organization that focuses on the achievement of goal 4- quality education.

Personally, I am a highly inquisitive, somewhat jovial and a precisionist individual.

How do you find it working at The YD company?

Working at The YD Company is fast-paced. The company appears to have a work culture

where a whole lot of things happen fast. And in all these, one ingrains a work ethic of quick

creativity and promptly meeting deadlines. Above all, working at The YD Company is fun,

eventful and gives me an opportunity to greatly improve and specialize in the digital media


Tell us the things that interest you about working at The YD Company?

The YD Company being fast-paced allows me to learn, unlearn and relearn new things

pertaining to the digital media space and public relations in general. It also gives me an

opportunity at the exploration of working with different brands and industries.

What are your plans for personal growth and company growth?

In the course of working with The YD Company, I plan to steadfastly and greatly improve on

my skills as a copywriter and digital media associate, by getting more knowledgeable and

acquiring the right certifications that will in turn boost my productivity, and improve on my

creativity. These newly acquired skills would therefore, help increase my input to the

company and help in the company’s growth.

Who is your run-to/ most helpful team member and why?

Well, everyone in the team is friendly, accommodating and helpful. But Felix ranks very high

in all these. He’s jovial and always ready to lend a helping hand, as well as give proper

clarifications when I need one.

If you were asked to be a fruit for a day, what fruit would you be, and why?

I’ll choose to be a banana! Everyone loves banana. It’s high in calories, satisfying, and doesn’t

require much stress before consumption. Simply washing its skin, and peeling it off is basically all that is needed. Plus, I believe just like a banana, connecting with me could be energetic,

satisfactory and stress- free (sometimes).

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