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Team Spotlight - Olaide Banjo

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Tell us about yourself

I’m Olaide Banjo, the Manager at YD. I have a Bsc. in Mass Communication (Public

Relations and Advertising) from Babcock University and an MA in Strategic Advertising

and Marketing Communications (PR Pathway) from the University of Greenwich. I’m in

charge of the Humans of YD and other fun stuff like client-relationship management,

media relations, strategy planning and execution.

I’ve been at YD since 2019 so I’d say I’ve been a part of many phases of the agency. I’d

describe myself as easy going. I’m goal oriented and that’s solely my motivation for doing

a lot of things. In my free time, I watch a lot of lifestyle content and sometimes read books.

How do you find it working at The YD Company?

Working at YD has been an interesting journey for me. I started as a PR Associate before

becoming the PR Manager and then Manager. Evidently, it’s been a growth-filled work

experience for me. This also applies to YD itself because there has been tremendous

progression in terms of modes of operations, clientele base, lifestyle, etc which I think are

important for any business.

One thing I’d say is that YD always provides a good community of team members to work

with. The agency is big on thriving on great team spirit and people culture so that’s

commendable. Also, YD pushes you to explore your areas of knowledge you didn’t know

existed and you could pull off. Although it could be challenging, especially because of the

various aspects of the agency I have to be a part of, working at YD is mind opening and

self-serving if you learn to have a good head on your shoulders.

Tell us the things that interest you about working at The YD Company.

The people and their uniqueness, the different kinds of events, clients, projects. The fast-

paced environment which keeps you on your toes and expectant of what’s to come next.

What are your plans for personal growth and company growth?

Personally, I’m looking into acquiring more leadership skills knowledge and proficiency

which will eventually translate into taking on more senior roles. In years to come, I’d

consider the idea of establishing a PR firm in the city I grew up, which I think is something

that’s lacking there. I’m also interested in collaborating with other like-minded

individuals to combine expertise and skills to build a thriving community that caters to

different brand needs.

For YD, it can only get bigger onwards. I’m continually seeking new ways to improve the

team and the quality of work that is being put out.

Who is your run-to / most helpful team member, and why?

Dr. Yetty. She’s very resourceful and knowledgeable. Also hardworking, which is a good

motivation for everyone and shows exemplary leadership.

If you were asked to be a fruit for a day, what fruit would you be, and why?

A waterlemon. It contains a lot of water and being moisturized is good for the body.

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